When Everyone Chooses Denim1

 When Everyone Chooses Denim1

It’s no secret that denim is one of the most favorite for everyone

especially in men’s wardrobe, why? of course because denim is a material that is very flexible, fashionable, strong, durable, comfortable and very easy to work with! Denim is a very important component in the world of fashion and also in our daily life! Denim has become the staple clothes in everyone’s wear.

It has been a popular style choice for decades, and has become one of those trends that never fall out of style. Denim has the ability to adapt from the old era to the new era, and because denim has very high flexibility, it can be ensured that almost everyone from the young to the old, at least have two or three denim items in their daily wardrobe.

Denim is often seen in use for almost all activities, ranging from work, go outdoor walks, hang out to the mall until coming to the event of persemian. Although denim is very close to casual style, but especially for millennial era now, denim has been made into items that can be combined into any style, such as semi-formal and formal.

Colors and denim shades can be categorized into neutral colors, equivalent to black and white, so denim is very easy to combine with any item and color. With the right color mixing game, you can change the style of your casual denim items into a more neat and formal style.

Curious where originally denim found? Before Mister went deeper into her styling tips and best products, Mister would review a bit about the history of the denim materials and how these styles and trends evolved year after year!

The word “Jeans” comes from the material that is made in Europe, and the name is in the lift from the name of sailors who came from Genoa, Italy, because at that time they were wearing clothes with material made of denim.

Levi Stauss, was a traveling merchant from Bavaria who was moving to North America. In about 1958, he discovered a great potential for trading and earning more in the California area, at which time a group of miners asked Levi to provide them pants with practical, durable material. From there, with the help of a tailor, Levi makes work pants whose main material is made of flexible canvas.

In the 1860s Levi began to make pants made of heavyweight denim, and because the pants are colored with indigo colors, then formed the name “Blue Jeans”. because jeans are considered very robust, flexible, multi-function, durable and affordable, Levi Jeans is becoming very popular among workers such as diggers, miners, loggers, farmers, farmers and people working in factories.

Due to the high demand for the product, two years after the product went public in society, many big companies like The H.D, Lee Mercantile Company and The Western Garment Company want to play a role in the market and its sellers. And until now the name of Levi Strauss is still very large for its denim products.

In the 1930s cowboys often wore jeans on screen, and that was one of the biggest factors that make denim burst in the society, because everyone knows how much impact the influence of trend and style of fashion is on the screen for our daily lives, and in this case, the demand for denim products is skyrocketing. In the 1950s, denim jeans became increasingly popular, especially among young children, and denim became a symbol of “the teenage rebellion” on many tv shows and feature films. Because the “Denim Rebellion” influence was immense in those days, many schools forbade their students to wear jeans to school.

in the 1960s and 1970s, denim began to be made with a variety of rising styles that year, such as jeans with embroidery, painted jeans, psychedelic jeans, and more. Denim jeans become a big part in fashion and culture.

In the 1980s, the Denim that had been attached to hard-workwear images for workers such as miners and factory people increasingly expanded its radar. Luxury and high fashion brands like GUCCI are beginning to wear denim in their collections, from which denim jeans change from hard-workwear to high fashion, and with the release of GUCCI product-poduct, the name of denim is skyrocketing and popular. Style jeans were made more varied, such as skinny jeans, flares, acid washed and little denim jacket.

Denim really shocking the world of fashion in that era

When Everyone Chooses Denim12

The name of the rampant denim was slightly down in the 1990s, which the young people of the time felt that denim was a material that was very attached to the times of their parents, and they labeled it as an old and outdated trend.

At that time no young people want to look the same as the style in wearing their parents, therefore they prefer to use cargo pants, khakis and sportwear brands. In contrary from the previous year, in 2000 denim back in trend, Jeans were back in fashion! Designers like Chanel, Dior, Chloe and Versace still see the great potential of denim and start mixing denim with their 1999 summer collection. From there Denim began booming again, and demand for denim in fashion again increased.

From there until now the trend of denim never goes down, even many brands like Diesel, Rock & Republic, 7 For All Mankind, True Religion, Nudie, Paige Premium and J brand make denim line in its fixed collection, not only that, a brand that was created purely for denim. So it’s safe to say that, Denim will not be going anywhere anytime soon!

today many designers are still obsessed with experimenting to create the latest denim trends, such as adding full sequences in denim or making straight-line denim, they are competing to find denim with their own characteristics, showing how much influenza denim in the world fashion right now.

Denim styles for men’s wardrobe also vary with the latest men’s jeans style, such as skinny Fit Jeans, Slim Fit Jeans, S traigh Fit Jeans, Tapered Fit Jeans, Boot Cut Fit Jeans and Relaxed Fit Jeans. In term of our lifestyle, denim is something that has inadvertently become mandatory,

especially in men’s fashion wardrobe. Denim is casual and formal at the same time, and for men who mostly choose a simple and easy-going style, denim is the best choice that faithfully accompanies for all activities.

In the old days, when we heard the exact denim words that came out in our heads were jeans, but thanks to today’s creativity, jeans and denim are not used for jeans only, things like shoes, hats, bags, shirts, jackets and wallets begin to enliven the trend with denim.

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Characteristics of Jacket Sweater, and Hoodie Differentiate the Three

Characteristics of Jacket Sweater, and Hoodie Differentiate the Three

Characteristics of Jacket Sweater, and Hoodie Differentiate the Three

Many people think that the three kinds of clothes are the only kind of jacket & the only difference is the type of jacket & material only because its 3 acts as a body heater & even kind of varsity or baseball jacket is also considered the same.

What’s the difference between jacket, Jacket Sweater and hoodie? Here is the difference between the three kinds of clothes that is:
1. jacket
 Jacket length up to hip or waist.
 Materials commonly used in making jackets are leather, canvas, parachute, & denim.
 Using thick material on the outside of the jacket so as to withstand the wind from the outside, while on the inside there is another layer that plays a role to heat the body.
 On the front of the jacket there is an area to open, usually a button or zipper. This area is almost the same as the front of the varsity or baseball jacket.
 has many types of varies & one type of jacket is again ngetrend lately is a model parka model with an additional head covering similar to the varsity or jacket baseball & length up to the knee so that this model can maximize the body from head to knee. Originally this jacket model using deer skin, but later developed by wearing a fairly light clothes nylon, wool & polyster. Apparently many who sell jackets with these clothes.

2. Sweater
 Making using knitting technique.
 has three types of types namely cardigan, polluver and vest. Cardigan usually has an opening on the front that is a button or zipper, polluver sometimes tudak have openers on the front so almost similar to the model shirt, while the vest is usually a short sleeve & do not have opener on the front.
 Functioning as a body heater, but along with many variations of the model is now the sweater is widely used as a style & the most widely dioguankan is the type of cardigan & vest type combined with shirts, bloes and T-shirts.
 Material commonly used in the manufacture is wool, cotton, fleece, synthetic material, baby terry, & others. Many traders are selling this type of jacket.

3. Hoodie
 have head coverings and many sell this kind of jacket.
 has a rope on the head covering area.
 The front is usually there is a zipper opening or zipper, but there are some models that do not use the opening on the front area.
 On the front there is usually a bag or pocket.
 Function to warm the body.

That’s some of the characteristics of jackets, sweaters, & hoodies that can distinguish the three types of clothes and many who sell this type of jacket.

10 Models of Today's Trend Jacket

10 Models of Today's Trend Jacket

10 Models of Today’s Trend Jacket For Men and Women 2018 Jackets seem to be a mandatory object of almost everyone.

If you notice, Indonesian people are very fond of using a jacket in any weather. Can be seen from the number of people who still use the jacket, when the weather is not cold. In fact, there are also people who like to carry a jacket, but they will not use.

They just carry a jacket in hand, draped over their shoulders, or tied at the waist. These things are done with the aim of making jackets as their fashion item. On this occasion, Bacaterus will share the recommendation of 10 models of today’s trend jackets by 2018 for men and women. Let’s just look at the collection below.

10 Models of Today’s Trend Jacket

1. Oversized Cardigan

The year 2018 is the year of the great clothes. For some reason the reason, but the clothes are much larger size than the size of the wearer’s body is ngehits once. Oversized clothes such as oversized cardigan can make the wearer look more soft, cute and cute. Today’s fashion jacket model is in the form of classic cardigan, so it is easily combined with any clothes and suitable for everyday activities such as ngampus or hangout. This jumbo-sized cardigan comes from a foreign brand, the Trunk Project. Leather Biker’s Jacket

2. Leather Biker’s Jacket

In addition to oversized cardigans, a model of today’s trend jacket next there is a leather jacket or other term is biker’s jacket. The famous name is present because usually a leather jacket worn by motorists of two-wheeled vehicles. This woman leather jacket you can wear for a walk in the mall, home from work, or to go to the party. In contrast to the usual leather jacket, biker’s jacket this one comes with a bright color beige aka white ivory

3. Parka

Outer shaped parka is still in demand by many people until now. Parka model like this is unisex alias can be used by women and men. Usually parka jackets are used for climbing mountains, climbing two-wheeled vehicles, but some are using it for style only. This locally made parka also has a neat stitch. In addition, there is a cloth cover again in front of zippers, so this parka looks more neat. You can create two styles with this parka, that is with hoodie and without hoodie, because the accent can be dismantled pairs tungungnya as you pleased.

4. Satin Jacket

If you think satin material just fit into a nightgown, dress, or party dress, you do not know if satin is also very dope when used as a jacket. Just look at this brand H & M brand satin jacket, really cool, is not it?

Because it is made from a shiny satin material, some people may think this jacket looks like a kimono for sleeping. But, no what, indeed in 2018 is still embracing the style of pajamas clothes are made into everyday clothes. You can use this satin jacket to hang out at the cafe or to the office.

5. Bomber Jacket

Bomber jackets still have a place in the hearts of many people although the first time this jacket skyrocketed already a year ago. Probably because 2018 is the era of volume clothing, so bomber jackets still get a good market in the community. Today’s fashion jacket model you can use to ride motorcycles, roads, mountains, to the mall, to the campus. Unlike most bomber jackets made from parasitic material, this jacket looks more relaxed and nge-doff.

6. ARMY Jacket

These army-style jackets are also exploring the top of the world fashion trend. Starting from the top artists to ordinary people who use a lot of jackets like this model.

This army jacket is also known by the name of double breasted jacket because the right side of the chest and left of his chest stacked. Again, this one jacket is the output of the H & M brand.

7. Lace Jacket

The current model of the current trend jacket is a lace-based jacket. For the year 2018, lace material is being widely used for made fashion goods, such as clothes, outer, pants, skirts, to bags and hats. You also do not want to miss the latest trend mode. Immediately have this lace jacket before the out of stock!

8. Ivory Wool Jacket

Today’s trend jacket model is a recycle or recycle of the 70’s style trend. Maybe you’ve seen your grandmother or relative’s clothes made from this material.

Do not hesitate to borrow your relative’s ivory jacket, because now this jacket is very deep.

9. Ruffles Jacket

In addition to the form of volume clothes, the year 2018 is the time to use wavy shirt and wrinkled like a ruffles jacket this one. This cotton-based jacket has accented wrinkles on the shoulders that extend to the back and chest.

10. Embroidered Denim Jacket

The latest model of the contemporary trend jacket is an embroidered denim jacket

Initially only famous brands are issuing embroidered jacket products, such as Gucci, for example. But, now many other clothing stores, both local and international, who issued a similar jacket with a more affordable price. An example is the embroidery denim jacket H & M output