Advantage of a Genuine Wallet

Advantage of a Genuine Wallet

In addition to Becoming Trends, Actually What’s the Advantage of a Genuine Wallet?

The wallet is one of the most practical and functional accessories that every man should have.

These accessories are very helpful to organize money and important cards, Having a quality wallet is not just my functional case, furthermore the wallet can be its own characteristics and style.

From a variety of wallet material on the market, of course you are not familiar with leather wallets. Not without reason the genuine leather wallet becomes a male accessory trend. There are several advantages of the original leather wallet that you need to know, what are the advantages?

1. High Durability

You may be wearing different clothes every day, but not with your wallet, right? All men in general have a wallet that is worn continuously. Therefore having a strong and durable wallet is a very important thing. Genuine leather is the right choice because this material is known for its superiority in the affairs of endurance.

2. More Value

In addition to durable, the original leather wallet has a higher value than the wallet with other materials. You who pay attention to the appearance of course can see the leather wallet provides an elegant and classy look. If one day you feel bored, you can sell it with a selling value that is almost the same as the new price.

3. Typical Aroma

original leather wallets have a very distinctive aroma and are not easily imitated. Moreover, if the leather used is processed with traditional methods (vegetable skin), will smell aromatic fragrance is very distinctive and comfortable.

4. Easy Maintenance

You will not have much worries if you use a real leather wallet. In addition to tough to face various weather, leather wallets are very easy to care for. Simply use a clean dry cloth regularly when there is dust or dirt attached. The original skin care medication is also very easy to obtain.

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When Everyone Chooses Denim1

 When Everyone Chooses Denim1

It’s no secret that denim is one of the most favorite for everyone

especially in men’s wardrobe, why? of course because denim is a material that is very flexible, fashionable, strong, durable, comfortable and very easy to work with! Denim is a very important component in the world of fashion and also in our daily life! Denim has become the staple clothes in everyone’s wear.

It has been a popular style choice for decades, and has become one of those trends that never fall out of style. Denim has the ability to adapt from the old era to the new era, and because denim has very high flexibility, it can be ensured that almost everyone from the young to the old, at least have two or three denim items in their daily wardrobe.

Denim is often seen in use for almost all activities, ranging from work, go outdoor walks, hang out to the mall until coming to the event of persemian. Although denim is very close to casual style, but especially for millennial era now, denim has been made into items that can be combined into any style, such as semi-formal and formal.

Colors and denim shades can be categorized into neutral colors, equivalent to black and white, so denim is very easy to combine with any item and color. With the right color mixing game, you can change the style of your casual denim items into a more neat and formal style.

Curious where originally denim found? Before Mister went deeper into her styling tips and best products, Mister would review a bit about the history of the denim materials and how these styles and trends evolved year after year!

The word “Jeans” comes from the material that is made in Europe, and the name is in the lift from the name of sailors who came from Genoa, Italy, because at that time they were wearing clothes with material made of denim.

Levi Stauss, was a traveling merchant from Bavaria who was moving to North America. In about 1958, he discovered a great potential for trading and earning more in the California area, at which time a group of miners asked Levi to provide them pants with practical, durable material. From there, with the help of a tailor, Levi makes work pants whose main material is made of flexible canvas.

In the 1860s Levi began to make pants made of heavyweight denim, and because the pants are colored with indigo colors, then formed the name “Blue Jeans”. because jeans are considered very robust, flexible, multi-function, durable and affordable, Levi Jeans is becoming very popular among workers such as diggers, miners, loggers, farmers, farmers and people working in factories.

Due to the high demand for the product, two years after the product went public in society, many big companies like The H.D, Lee Mercantile Company and The Western Garment Company want to play a role in the market and its sellers. And until now the name of Levi Strauss is still very large for its denim products.

In the 1930s cowboys often wore jeans on screen, and that was one of the biggest factors that make denim burst in the society, because everyone knows how much impact the influence of trend and style of fashion is on the screen for our daily lives, and in this case, the demand for denim products is skyrocketing. In the 1950s, denim jeans became increasingly popular, especially among young children, and denim became a symbol of “the teenage rebellion” on many tv shows and feature films. Because the “Denim Rebellion” influence was immense in those days, many schools forbade their students to wear jeans to school.

in the 1960s and 1970s, denim began to be made with a variety of rising styles that year, such as jeans with embroidery, painted jeans, psychedelic jeans, and more. Denim jeans become a big part in fashion and culture.

In the 1980s, the Denim that had been attached to hard-workwear images for workers such as miners and factory people increasingly expanded its radar. Luxury and high fashion brands like GUCCI are beginning to wear denim in their collections, from which denim jeans change from hard-workwear to high fashion, and with the release of GUCCI product-poduct, the name of denim is skyrocketing and popular. Style jeans were made more varied, such as skinny jeans, flares, acid washed and little denim jacket.

Denim really shocking the world of fashion in that era

When Everyone Chooses Denim12

The name of the rampant denim was slightly down in the 1990s, which the young people of the time felt that denim was a material that was very attached to the times of their parents, and they labeled it as an old and outdated trend.

At that time no young people want to look the same as the style in wearing their parents, therefore they prefer to use cargo pants, khakis and sportwear brands. In contrary from the previous year, in 2000 denim back in trend, Jeans were back in fashion! Designers like Chanel, Dior, Chloe and Versace still see the great potential of denim and start mixing denim with their 1999 summer collection. From there Denim began booming again, and demand for denim in fashion again increased.

From there until now the trend of denim never goes down, even many brands like Diesel, Rock & Republic, 7 For All Mankind, True Religion, Nudie, Paige Premium and J brand make denim line in its fixed collection, not only that, a brand that was created purely for denim. So it’s safe to say that, Denim will not be going anywhere anytime soon!

today many designers are still obsessed with experimenting to create the latest denim trends, such as adding full sequences in denim or making straight-line denim, they are competing to find denim with their own characteristics, showing how much influenza denim in the world fashion right now.

Denim styles for men’s wardrobe also vary with the latest men’s jeans style, such as skinny Fit Jeans, Slim Fit Jeans, S traigh Fit Jeans, Tapered Fit Jeans, Boot Cut Fit Jeans and Relaxed Fit Jeans. In term of our lifestyle, denim is something that has inadvertently become mandatory,

especially in men’s fashion wardrobe. Denim is casual and formal at the same time, and for men who mostly choose a simple and easy-going style, denim is the best choice that faithfully accompanies for all activities.

In the old days, when we heard the exact denim words that came out in our heads were jeans, but thanks to today’s creativity, jeans and denim are not used for jeans only, things like shoes, hats, bags, shirts, jackets and wallets begin to enliven the trend with denim.

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Advantage of a Genuine Wallet

5 Newest Women Fashion Trends in 2018

5 Newest Women Fashion Trends in 2018

Entering the beginning of the year, the latest fashion trends are ready to start the new sheets

There are some fashion items that are predicted to dominate the fashion scene during 2018. If the stripe print and bomber jacket previously dominate 2017, then what kind of fashion item will dominate the year 2018?

The fashionista and world renowned designer has actually given a lot of leaks during the fashion week event performances in various countries. There are some fashion items that still survive but with little variation. Curious about what fashion items will trend in 2018?

Lavender Color

Fashion items with lavender or purple color is expected to be much-loved fashion lovers. Although ultra violet, the color derivative of purple that was asked as the color of the year 2018, but the color of lavender will still be popular. This is because the lavender color is felt more soft and gives the impression of elegance and charming. Some designers who have issued a series of fashion with lavender colors is Bottega Veneta, Michael Kors, and Tom Ford. So if you’re looking for the latest fashion ladies, lavender or purple colors can be a reference when shopping later.

Dark Denim

The trend of the use of denim as a fashion item will still continue in 2018. If last year ripped jeans became the prima donna of many people, this year’s dark denim will take over the trend. The use of fashion items such as jackets and pants with dark denim material can give the impression of boy-ish and masculine. So if you are looking for fashion items made from denim, choose a darker color like black or dark blue.


Look chic with a beret hat like a French lady, why not? French round shaped hat is predicted to color the fashion world in 2018. Its popularity is seen from the number of supermodels and fashion world celebrities who wear it in fashion week in various countries.

This type of hat is very easy and suitable to mix and match with many other types of fashion items. This beret hat can be a fashion statement that can attract the attention of many people. This fashion item is also very easy to find on the market both in conventional retail stores as well as on online trading sites.

Fruit Print

If the dress with floral print style is plural found in the market, now it’s time to fashion with print print style that will debut in 2018. Fashion items with this fruit pattern is considered to give the impression sweet and playfull for the wearer. But keep in mind, choose a style that is not too crowded to avoid fashion disaster.

Earing Statement

For you fans of earrings accessories, earing statement trend is still running in this year. However, this year’s earnings statements predicted to be excellent are earrings with metallic shapes, shells, and pearls, with gold color and playful colors. You can also be creative to mix and match between the right and left earrings, in order to display edge looks.

Color Clothes Suitable for Brown Skin

Color Clothes Suitable for Brown Skin

You own brown leather and often not confident with light colors for you to use?

Usually brown leather owners tend to avoid bright colors for everyday use or for formal and semi-formal occasions. Color black, white and other neutral colors often you think of as the safest color for you to use. But you know it does not matter if it’s actually a bright color just make your skin color brighter and glowing you know!

Approximately what colors are suitable for you the brown leather owner? Here are some tips that you can apply. Let’s check it out!

1. Pastel colors for freshness impression

For you brown leather owner, pastel color can really you use to give the impression of bright and fresh. You can mix matching pastel colors where soft colors will make you look beautiful. But, if you want to look more modern try to combine pastel colors with a more concentrated color. For example, wearing a pastel green color with dark green.

2. Shown bright with yellow

You feel not confident when using this one color? The yellow color turns out to make your tan look richer ladies. This color is very safe for you you who feel less confident with bright colors. The bright colors provide an effect that can give the impression of cheerful, bright and fresh. You can combine your yellow dress with a black hat.

3. Luxury and elegant with the red light

Who says red is only suitable for whites and not suitable for you the owner of brown leather? Rihanna, one of the famous celebrities who have skin tano hobi really use this one color. The red color is very powerful giving effect of warmth and also luxury. You can choose a red dress with black heels or matching colors to make your look elegant. So do not feel no longer fit, huh!

4. Purple color that gives the impression graceful

This one color has its own charm to use. You can choose purple magenta, violet, or plum. This color can give a graceful impression. Pair your purple outer with jeans and you can equip it with heels. You can also use a sleeveless dress with a white belt for decoration on your waist.

5. Although striking, the color of tangerine can make you shine

Tangerine color is still one family with orange color is indeed suitable for you to use. Although striking, but this color can make you look more fresh and shine. You can combine a tangerine shirt with white jeans or dress combined with gold-colored heels and belts that match your heels. Or, can also use a dress like that used Beyonce.

6. More beautiful with green emerald

Emerald green or emerald green color mentioned is a color that is perfect for all skin tones, including for brown leather owners. Although this color may rarely see you in clothes, but you can really make clothes with this color as must have your item because the color is really beautiful.

Well, there it is some bright colors that you can choose. Despite the dark skin, you still have to look shining and do not be afraid to wear bright colors. Come on, make your appearance more perfect with your exotic skin!

Tips Choose Skirt Model According to Body Shape

Tips Choose Skirt Model According to Body Shape

Tips on choosing a skirt model according to body shape

Maybe we’ve experienced a name confusion choosing a skirt model. Either specify the model or size. Therefore we will discuss about how to choose the skirt model that fit and fit our body shape.

The first step that must be done is we must recognize the shape and posture of our body. So that skirt that we will wear look elegant and fit to wear. Because not all skirts fit to wear according to posture.

How to Choose a Skirt Model

Here are tips on choosing a skirt model that fits your body shape:

Choosing a Skirt For Petite Body Posture
A fit skirt will not frame your small body. Should choose a skirt that falls on the knee. A pleated skirt with platform shoes will give a high impression and can form your small body.

Should avoid long skirts that fall below the knee. The skirt makes your appearance look shorter and fatter.

Tips on Choosing a Skirt For Body Shaped Straight

A tulip-like skirt, bubble, or mermaid will add an illusion to the flat hips. Play around with folded skirts, layers, and wrinkles.

Should avoid a straight skirt that will not show the curve of the body. Look for a skirt full of accents to add volume to your body.

Choosing a Skirt For Body Posture Like a Sand Clock

A classic skirt with a solid color will make your appearance look more beautiful. Can also use the skirt with a complete A-line and belt to help accentuate the small waist and hips hip.

Should avoid Flouncy skirts or skirts that use a lot of material. This type of skirt will cover your curves.

For Body Shaped Like Pear (Hips Bigger)
An A-line skirt that falls just above the knee. This model skirt will hide a large buttock and thigh.

Better avoid the tight skirt because it will only make people focus to see big hip buddy.

For Body Shaped Like Apple Fruit
Use a chiffon or silk-based skirt to lighten the silhouette of the body. Moving or lightweight material will help you hide your stomach and balance your upper body.

Should avoid a skirt with a pouch or skirt with a fold at the waist. Also avoid a straight skirt, because the body will look unbalanced, heavy at the top.

The Body Has Many Dents
Pencil skirt in solid color will add body shape graduation. Make sure the skirt is not too tight.

Should avoid falling skirts and moving and using lots of material will increase the volume in body shape.

Tips on Choosing a Skirt Model For Those Short Legs

A skirt above the knee will seem to extend our legs. Many ways to make the appearance of the legs more like a mini skirt and black stockings.

Should avoid the skirt along the calf because it will make your appearance look shorter.

Model Skirts For Long Legs
A long skirt with falling and thin material, or a mini skirt because the buddies have beautiful legs to show off.

The buddies can wear various types of skirts. It’s just, if the buds use mini skirts do not be too mini and without using tights.

Has Hips And Big Thighs
An A-line skirt that falls off your hip is above the knee. Use dark colors to streamline.

Should avoid short skirts or tight skirts. it will only attract people’s attention on your hips or thighs.

Tips The following facial treatments use natural ingredients around us

Tips The following facial treatments use natural ingredients around us

You certainly already know that fruits and vegetables are natural ingredients that are very good for health. Various types of normal, dry, oily skin is not good if left dull, looks old and acne. For women the natural way in safe and healthy facial skin care becomes very important to increase confidence.

Use of face care products containing chemicals is too risky if they do not match the skin type. Caring for the face with natural ingredients is an attractive and safe option. Tips on how to naturally treat the following faces hopefully can help you in solving your facial skin problems.

Lemon or Lime For Cleanser All Skin Types

Lemons are a natural source of alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) and antioxidants, vitamins. Lemon is very good for meratwat facial skin as cleaning, toning, shrink pores, smoothing and lifting dead skin cells, free skin dull face and fade black spots.

Mix 1/8 cup almond powder, 2 tablespoons milk or cream and 1 teaspoon lemon juice. Use to clean facial skin, wait for about 15-20 minutes then rinse with warm water.


Cucumber has the ability to remove stains or black spots on the skin and can make a beautiful face glow. Mix 1/2 cucumber pieces that have been peeled with 1 spoon of yoghurt and 1 tablespoon of milk and then mashed with a blender. Apply the mixture you make on the facial skin and wait approximately 20 minutes then rinse with warm water to clean it.


The yam contains rotenon, pachyrhizon, vitamin C and B1. The content in this yam is good to eliminate or at least disguise black stains caused by acne. To create a bengkuang mask for natural skin care the way is:

Peel the yam and wash thoroughly then grate until tender.

Squeeze the grated to get the water.

Strain the juice of the yam so that it is completely clean from the pulp.

Leave for half an hour until the sludge appears

Dispose of clear, clear water

Use a milk-like precipitate for your face mask

Apples For Oily Facial Treatment

The substances of lastin and collagen have the ability to reduce oil on your oily skin.

The apple is smoothed with a blender without water. Use as a mask by gluing it on the facial skin evenly for 20-30 minutes. Clean with warm water then continued with cold water so that the pores of your facial skin shrink.


Tomatoes contain lots of vitamin C that can reduce excessive oil, clean as well as provide nutritional intake. There is also a content of antioxidant substances that are able to overcome facial skin irritation due to ultraviolet rays, brighten your skin and reduce blackheads.

To make a mask from the tomato the way by smoothing one tomato then mixed with a spoon of honey. Apply a mixture of tomatoes and honey to your facial skin. Leave for 15 minutes then rinse with warm water and then cleaned with cold water.


The content of vitamin C and vitamin E in avocado is good for maintaining moisture and provide nutritional intake and menghluskan facial skin. Make an avocado mask by smoothing the avocado flesh and then rubbing it on your face evenly. Leave on for fifteen minutes and rinse with warm water then cold water.


Banana fruit can be useful to rejuvenate the skin and make the skin become moist and supple. The way is quite easy, just by taking 1 piece of banana ambon, peel the skin and destroy the fruit. After that add 1 tablespoon of honey into the banana that has been destroyed earlier, and apply evenly on the face and let stand for 30 minutes.Then wipe with a cotton swab and warm water.


Papaya contains papain enzymes that have the ability to remove dead skin cells and regenerate new skin cells. Mix the cooked papaya pulp with 1 tablespoon of oil or taste. Apply a herb of papaya mask to facial skin. After 15 minutes wash with warm water. Use a moisturizer that matches your skin type as your perfect treatment.


Strawberries contain salicylic acid capable of tightening the skin. There are also good vitamins for the skin such as vitamin C, E, B and K. Natural way evenly with the face mask strawberry good in regenerating the skin, lifting dead skin cells, moisturize and accelerate blood circulation. Mix 3 strawberries and 1 spoon of honey. Blend then apply on facial skin. After half an hour rub it slowly with a circular motion so that dead skin cells can be lifted and the circulation of blood on your face becomes smooth.


The content of vitamin A and antioxidant substances in mango fruit is useful for skin regeneration and inhibits premature aging and make your skin elastic elasticity. Create a mask of mango by refining the peeled peeled fruit then mix it with a spoon of milk powder. Stir to evenly and then apply to your face. After 20 minutes wash your face with warm water.


Kiwifruit contains collagen and vitamin E and collagen is useful to keep the skin from irritation by sunlight, reducing the oil on the skin, and can meniscuskan your facial this fruit can help overcome skin irritated by sunlight, smoothing the skin. Blend the kiwi then mix it with a spoon of olive oil and 1 egg whites that have been whipped. Stir until the mask mixture is well blended. Apply on your facial skin and leave on for 15 minutes. Bershikan by using warm water.


Routinely washing your facial skin with milk can reduce black spots on your facial skin

Latest Tips to choose the model Women's Gymnastic dress

Latest Tips to choose the model Women's Gymnastic dress

In addition to low sales prices, wholesale discounts, and so on. is the design and materials gymnastics that will be used. Here are some tips on choosing clothes while exercising:
the latest way to choose a Good Fashion Model CLOTHING PATH

1. Choose a new model of women’s gymnastics with a size that is not too tight (exactly according to body size but still a little loose) and elastic that can provide space for free to move during sports, especially during aerobic exercise. As an option, spandex is a kind of elastic material.

the latest way to choose a Good Fashion Model CLOTHING PATH

2. Choose a new model of women’s gymnastics with an important porous material to help cool the body during exercise. You can try materials from nylon that are more porous and avoid clothes from rubber or plastic material.

the latest way to choose a Good Fashion Model CLOTHING PATH

Choose the latest model of women’s gymsuits with ingredients that can absorb sweat from the body, but not get wet and heavy after absorbing sweat. This type of material is referred to as wicking materials. Currently available the latest model of women’s gymnastic clothes from synthetic fibers (synthetic fiber) such as polypropylene designed specifically for sports.
the latest way to choose a Good Fashion Model CLOTHING PATH

4. When exercising outdoors during the day, select the latest model of women’s gymsuit clothes with bright colors. Clothes with dark colors tend to withstand the sun.

the latest way to choose a Good Fashion Model CLOTHING PATH

5. Use shoes and socks that can support your heels and legs well. Currently, there is a choice of shoes according to the type of sport that will be done. Socks with a mixture of cotton (cotton-poly) can be an option.

the latest way to choose a Good Fashion Model CLOTHING PATH

6. Use clothes in the latest model women’s gymnastics comfortable and can support the body load well.

Well, now do not confuse anymore deh choose a comfortable gym clothes on the body. Of course more and more spirit to exercise to get the ideal slim body.

so tips Latest in choosing Women’s gymnastic dress, shirt design model and women’s sportswear, good aerobic gymnastics, or regular exercise regular, in addition to the factor of cheap selling price, wholesale discount, etc ….

may be useful

Tips on How to Choose the Best Model and Dress Color WOMEN

Tips on How to Choose the Best Model and Dress Color WOMEN

Tips on How to Choose the Best Model and Dress Color WOMEN (Clothes, Skirts or Pants) Dresses should take into account the BODY FORM.

The ideal model of clothing and color of clothing, of course, differs between women with small posture with large berpostur women. both clothes, and subordinates (pants / skirts) we can choose in accordance with existing posture.
Choosing Fashion Clothes & Color Model WOMEN CLOTHING is good for a tall thin person

Tips on choosing women’s clothing with a skinny body high is to avoid clothes that are too tight. Strict attire will not make us look attractive but will actually make us look more and more skinny.

Collar with the V-neck model should also be avoided as it will make the bony bulge become more class and we look thinner.

To address the skinny body, we can follow some tips on how to wear blazer with knitted material to increase the volume of our body.

the selection of subordinates should also we pay attention, if you want to wear pants. Choose pants that fit on the foot and not too tight

If we want to use a skirt, choose a skirt with bright colors that will give a full impression on our body. Skirt with big motif also we can choose to avoid the impression too hard. Types of skirts should be avoided is a dark skirt, made of thin, vertical motifs, skirts that are too loose, and skirts that are too tight. we can also use a rather large scarf or necklace to make our body becomes a little more contained.

Choosing Fashion Clothes & Color Model WOMEN CLOTHING is nice for a petite

Most women have less bone and muscle mass than men, therefore many women have small bodies, especially for those who are of genuine Indonesian origin. There are several things to consider when choosing a work dress for this tiny body, the first is to choose a woman’s clothes for work that fit the body size. Women’s clothing that is too big and long to the knee will make our body seem drowned. For that, choose a boss suit that does not exceed the length of our hips. The use of clothes with matching colors between superiors and subordinates should also be considered because the matching color will give a higher impression. to give a higher impression, we can also equip it with V-neck tops or tops with vertical stripes motifs.

Tips the next way is to avoid the use of dark-colored women’s clothes because it will make our body look smaller. Just use a boss with bright or soft colors. Details on clothes like wrinkles, wrinkles, or pleats can give a full impression on our tiny body.

If we decide to wear a skirt, try not to wear a skirt with a wide and long. This model skirt will sink our tiny body. choose a skirt with a standard size or knee-length skirt. The choice of belts should also be noted, large and wide belts are becoming a trend, but if we have a tiny body, then this belt will make our dkitanan look weird and disproportionate.

Choosing Fashion Clothes & Color Models Beautiful WOMEN CLOTHES for White Colors White White Apparel will look more attractive if wearing a soft shirt color, such as pink or pastel. It gives you a sense of relaxation, relaxation, and interest. Things you should avoid are colors that fade, because it will give the impression of tangles.
Choosing Fashion Clothes & Color Model WOMEN CLOTHING is great for the Color of Yellow Leather

Clothes for yellow langs, will make you more confident is the color for the tropical atmosphere. Blue clouds, yellow, orange, or other tropical colors. Wearing dark clothing colors should dikuringi, if used will not cause any impression. It’s just going to look too contrasting.

Choosing Fashion Clothes & Color Model WOMEN CLOTHING is great for brown / brown skin color

Clothing for brown skin, Can be distinguished between brown and brown. Although the colors are different, but we can choose the dress that is almost the same between for the brown color or brown.

The right clothing for both skin tones is the color mixed, meaning not absolutely must be one color. But must be considered also the color pair. Like the couple between red and white, or white with black, gray with white, etc.White Color

tips how to CHOOSE the Model and Color WOMEN’S CLOTHES (Clothes, Skirts, or Pants) SUITABLE BODY SHAPE
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