Characteristics of Jacket Sweater, and Hoodie Differentiate the Three

Characteristics of Jacket Sweater, and Hoodie Differentiate the Three

Many people think that the three kinds of clothes are the only kind of jacket & the only difference is the type of jacket & material only because its 3 acts as a body heater & even kind of varsity or baseball jacket is also considered the same.

What’s the difference between jacket, Jacket Sweater and hoodie? Here is the difference between the three kinds of clothes that is:
1. jacket
 Jacket length up to hip or waist.
 Materials commonly used in making jackets are leather, canvas, parachute, & denim.
 Using thick material on the outside of the jacket so as to withstand the wind from the outside, while on the inside there is another layer that plays a role to heat the body.
 On the front of the jacket there is an area to open, usually a button or zipper. This area is almost the same as the front of the varsity or baseball jacket.
 has many types of varies & one type of jacket is again ngetrend lately is a model parka model with an additional head covering similar to the varsity or jacket baseball & length up to the knee so that this model can maximize the body from head to knee. Originally this jacket model using deer skin, but later developed by wearing a fairly light clothes nylon, wool & polyster. Apparently many who sell jackets with these clothes.

2. Sweater
 Making using knitting technique.
 has three types of types namely cardigan, polluver and vest. Cardigan usually has an opening on the front that is a button or zipper, polluver sometimes tudak have openers on the front so almost similar to the model shirt, while the vest is usually a short sleeve & do not have opener on the front.
 Functioning as a body heater, but along with many variations of the model is now the sweater is widely used as a style & the most widely dioguankan is the type of cardigan & vest type combined with shirts, bloes and T-shirts.
 Material commonly used in the manufacture is wool, cotton, fleece, synthetic material, baby terry, & others. Many traders are selling this type of jacket.

3. Hoodie
 have head coverings and many sell this kind of jacket.
 has a rope on the head covering area.
 The front is usually there is a zipper opening or zipper, but there are some models that do not use the opening on the front area.
 On the front there is usually a bag or pocket.
 Function to warm the body.

That’s some of the characteristics of jackets, sweaters, & hoodies that can distinguish the three types of clothes and many who sell this type of jacket.

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