Various Kinds of Type Bags

Everyone must wear bags are no exception men and women

But there are differences in the bags of men and women seen from the model and the material. Along with the development of men’s bag also has a variety of types and models. The man’s bag also has its own philosophy that can be tailored to the needs.

Here are a variety of models of men’s bags seen from the model and its function:

1. Messenger Bag

This bag was first introduced by Martini Globe Canvas Company in the 1950s. The messenger bag became famous in the 1970s after it was worn by New York city couriers for its efficient and multifunctional capabilities.

Most of the form of messenger bag is a box or a rectangle with a wide belt to be thrown on the shoulder. Initially the material often used on messenger bag is a canvas material, because this material is quite strong and weatherproof. But along with the development of the fashion world, messenger bag is now available in various types and models.

2. Sling Bag

This bag is similar to messenger bag, but the sling bag is made smaller than messenger bag. In the case of the use of this bag is devoted to activities that do not require much luggage. This bag is generally square and made of canvas material. But along with its development, this bag is also made with various types of materials.

3. Briefcase

From the name is already predictable that this bag is used in formal situations and work. Briefcase is a rectangular bag and comes with one handle at the top. This bag is often used for briefcase because of its casual shape. Materials used briefcase generally use hard and rigid skin material to maintain its shape. In case of a catch, a briefcase is commonly used to carry work tools such as laptops, notepads, and archives.

4. Backpack

Backpack or better known as a backpack is a multifunctional bag, because it could be used for a variety of activities from the start bag to work up the mountain. This bag is the choice of many people because it is very concise and easy to carry everywhere, such as a school bag, briefcase, and briefcase. Another plus is the backpack is usually made of material that is resistant to all weather, so it is suitable for you who have activities in the field work.

5. Duffel Bag

This bag is used to carry the equipment in large quantities. The most famous function of duffel bag today is the bag for fitness. The shape of a duffel bag resembles a cylinder, at first glance almost the same as a messener bag. Duffel bag can be made from various types of materials either canvas, leather, or parachute all have the function and characteristic of each appearance. Because it has a large size duffel bag is very suitable for activities that require a lot of luggage.

6. Tote Bag

This bag is commonly known as a ladies handbag, but a tote bag is not always identical to a lady bag. Tote bag suitable for use when relaxed because this bag is known simple and can carry many accessories. This bag resembles a bag and without a zipper, and now started many man made tote bags.

7. Rucksack

Rucksack at a glance similar to a backpack, but this bag does not use zipper but drawstring system. This bag became famous during the second world war, especially by the German army. Rucksack comes from the German language Racken ‘meaning’ the back ‘, and Sack’ which means bag. Due to its drawstring features and traditional impression, most rucksack bags take the vintage theme.

8. Hip Bag

At the beginning of this bag is used by cyclists, but now this bag has been developed so that it can be used for hangouts and daily activities. This bag is thrown on your back so you can freely engage and move without fear of bag off. This bag is perfect for those of you who do not want the movement disturbed when wearing a bag.

A few explanations about the types of bags.

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