Know the Types of Bags and the DifferenceKnow the Types of Bags and the Difference

When searching for bags either online or directly in the store, you must often find terms that distinguish the types of bags. Or vice versa, you may have trouble finding and finding the bag you car because you do not know what the name of the type of bag you are looking for.

Types of bags are based on the shape and characteristic, and indirectly, their respective functions. So, instead of you complaining about why there are so many different kinds of bags in this world, there is no harm in recognizing the types of bags and their trademarks, at least some of the most common bags you meet directly or in the store.

In the world there are many brands that provide handmade products in the form of bags. And usually, a brand can make more than one type of bag. For example, brands like Beenome, Bleugenes, and Visval make a rucksack as well as a sling bag that is suitable for men. While brands such as Cupio, Rima Ethnic, and Felistianova make handbags and clutch that is suitable for women.

1. Duffel bag

Duffel bag is a bag that you often see or use while traveling or at a place like the airport. Because it is usually used for traveling, this bag has a size large enough and has one main compartment in the middle to enter as many clothes and other travel needs. In addition, this bag is equipped with handrails and / or a fairly long strap that can sometimes be removed.

This bag can be an alternative to wheeled suitcases when traveling, especially if you travel a lot in a short period of time (eg three to five days) and do not need a bag that is so big. In addition, because the size is relatively smaller than the wheeled suitcase, duffel bag is usually much more efficient when taken traveling. In addition, this bag can also be used for other purposes besides traveling far. You can not go to the gym with a wheeled suitcase, do you?

This bag is suitable for both men and women (although certain models may be better suited for men or women), and are generally made using polyester fabric commonly used for bags. But, out there there are also handmade duffel bags made of leather or canvas.

2. Backpack / rucksack (backpack)

You must be familiar with the name of a backpack. This bag is used for very many things: taken a walk, work, ride the mountain, to travel. How not, this bag does have a lot of variations, ranging from the size variations, models, and colors or patterns. Each backpack has at least two compartments, one of the largest main compartments, and one small for small items. But the backpack now generally has more than two compartments with some special slots in it.

This bag is suitable for almost any purpose, but depends on the model and size. For example if you want to use it for work, you need a medium sized backpack that has a special slot for the laptop. Or if you want to use it for traveling, you need a large enough bag with a large main compartment.

This bag is also suitable for men and women, or even both (unisex). But, again, it depends on the model, size, and color or style of the bag. This bag is also usually made with polyester fabric. While handmade backpacks are usually made with canvas, leather, or denim.

3. Messenger / sling bag (sling bag)

This bag should also be fairly common. This bag has a long shoulder strap to hang on your shoulder or crossed on the body. This allows you to take things in this bag more easily, which is the advantage of this bag. Compared to a backpack, the size of a sling bag is usually not that big, which does make sense because you should not carry too heavy a load and damage your shoulder with this bag. This bag also usually has two compartments, one main compartment, and one additional compartment in front of which is not too small.

This bag is suitable to take the road because it is lighter. But now there are also variations of sling bags that are made in such a way as to be suitable for work (by adding a hand grip at the top and a slot for the laptop). But, again, if you use this bag to work, do not fill the bag until it is too heavy.

Same with a backpack, this bag is suitable for men, women, or unisex, depending on the model and color or pattern. These bags are also usually made with polyester fabric, and for handmade sling bags are usually made with canvas, denim, or leather.

4. Tote bag

Tote bag is a handbag that size is quite large. But, in addition to size, tote bag also has a characteristic that only has one main compartment that is open or can not be closed. Even if it can be closed, it’s only with a small velcro in the middle (which obviously does not close anything). In addition, because it is large enough, the outside of this tote bag is usually used as a ‘canvas’ by its own maker. So, do not be surprised if you often encounter a tote bag with an attractive outer design.

Tote bags are used for a variety of uses depending on the owner’s wishes. Some use it for work, school, gym, and so on. What is clear, make sure you can keep the contents carefully.

Tote bags are commonly suited for both men and women and are generally made of strong enough materials such as canvas. But there is also a more fashionable tote bag using leather and more suitable for women.

5. Handbag (handbag)

Compared to tote bags, handbags are usually smaller. In addition, the compartments on the handbag can also be closed or sealed, and sometimes have additional slots or compartments both inside and outside the main compartment.

Due to its small size, handbags are only suitable for roads or events. Handbags are usually reserved for women (although there are, but handbags for men are not many). Then, as it is usually used for certain occasions such as parties, handbags are usually made of elegant or exotic materials such as leather (from cow leather to expensive crocodile leather), or fabrics made or designed in such a way.

6. Clutch

Clutch is a smaller version of a handbag. So small, even more suitable clutch called a long purse women whose size is slightly larger. In addition, this bag also has only one main compartment, and usually do not have a handle at all. That means you have to hold the body of the bag to carry it (because that’s the name clutch which means “handheld” in English).

But regardless of its smaller size, the function and use of the clutch is actually no different from ordinary handbags, that is for certain parties and events. In addition, the clutch is also usually designed specifically for women and made of elegant and classy materials such as leather.

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