Characteristics of Jacket Sweater, and Hoodie Differentiate the Three

Characteristics of Jacket Sweater, and Hoodie Differentiate the Three

Characteristics of Jacket Sweater, and Hoodie Differentiate the Three

Many people think that the three kinds of clothes are the only kind of jacket & the only difference is the type of jacket & material only because its 3 acts as a body heater & even kind of varsity or baseball jacket is also considered the same.

What’s the difference between jacket, Jacket Sweater and hoodie? Here is the difference between the three kinds of clothes that is:
1. jacket
 Jacket length up to hip or waist.
 Materials commonly used in making jackets are leather, canvas, parachute, & denim.
 Using thick material on the outside of the jacket so as to withstand the wind from the outside, while on the inside there is another layer that plays a role to heat the body.
 On the front of the jacket there is an area to open, usually a button or zipper. This area is almost the same as the front of the varsity or baseball jacket.
 has many types of varies & one type of jacket is again ngetrend lately is a model parka model with an additional head covering similar to the varsity or jacket baseball & length up to the knee so that this model can maximize the body from head to knee. Originally this jacket model using deer skin, but later developed by wearing a fairly light clothes nylon, wool & polyster. Apparently many who sell jackets with these clothes.

2. Sweater
 Making using knitting technique.
 has three types of types namely cardigan, polluver and vest. Cardigan usually has an opening on the front that is a button or zipper, polluver sometimes tudak have openers on the front so almost similar to the model shirt, while the vest is usually a short sleeve & do not have opener on the front.
 Functioning as a body heater, but along with many variations of the model is now the sweater is widely used as a style & the most widely dioguankan is the type of cardigan & vest type combined with shirts, bloes and T-shirts.
 Material commonly used in the manufacture is wool, cotton, fleece, synthetic material, baby terry, & others. Many traders are selling this type of jacket.

3. Hoodie
 have head coverings and many sell this kind of jacket.
 has a rope on the head covering area.
 The front is usually there is a zipper opening or zipper, but there are some models that do not use the opening on the front area.
 On the front there is usually a bag or pocket.
 Function to warm the body.

That’s some of the characteristics of jackets, sweaters, & hoodies that can distinguish the three types of clothes and many who sell this type of jacket.

Tips Choose Skirt Model According to Body Shape

Tips Choose Skirt Model According to Body Shape

Tips on choosing a skirt model according to body shape

Maybe we’ve experienced a name confusion choosing a skirt model. Either specify the model or size. Therefore we will discuss about how to choose the skirt model that fit and fit our body shape.

The first step that must be done is we must recognize the shape and posture of our body. So that skirt that we will wear look elegant and fit to wear. Because not all skirts fit to wear according to posture.

How to Choose a Skirt Model

Here are tips on choosing a skirt model that fits your body shape:

Choosing a Skirt For Petite Body Posture
A fit skirt will not frame your small body. Should choose a skirt that falls on the knee. A pleated skirt with platform shoes will give a high impression and can form your small body.

Should avoid long skirts that fall below the knee. The skirt makes your appearance look shorter and fatter.

Tips on Choosing a Skirt For Body Shaped Straight

A tulip-like skirt, bubble, or mermaid will add an illusion to the flat hips. Play around with folded skirts, layers, and wrinkles.

Should avoid a straight skirt that will not show the curve of the body. Look for a skirt full of accents to add volume to your body.

Choosing a Skirt For Body Posture Like a Sand Clock

A classic skirt with a solid color will make your appearance look more beautiful. Can also use the skirt with a complete A-line and belt to help accentuate the small waist and hips hip.

Should avoid Flouncy skirts or skirts that use a lot of material. This type of skirt will cover your curves.

For Body Shaped Like Pear (Hips Bigger)
An A-line skirt that falls just above the knee. This model skirt will hide a large buttock and thigh.

Better avoid the tight skirt because it will only make people focus to see big hip buddy.

For Body Shaped Like Apple Fruit
Use a chiffon or silk-based skirt to lighten the silhouette of the body. Moving or lightweight material will help you hide your stomach and balance your upper body.

Should avoid a skirt with a pouch or skirt with a fold at the waist. Also avoid a straight skirt, because the body will look unbalanced, heavy at the top.

The Body Has Many Dents
Pencil skirt in solid color will add body shape graduation. Make sure the skirt is not too tight.

Should avoid falling skirts and moving and using lots of material will increase the volume in body shape.

Tips on Choosing a Skirt Model For Those Short Legs

A skirt above the knee will seem to extend our legs. Many ways to make the appearance of the legs more like a mini skirt and black stockings.

Should avoid the skirt along the calf because it will make your appearance look shorter.

Model Skirts For Long Legs
A long skirt with falling and thin material, or a mini skirt because the buddies have beautiful legs to show off.

The buddies can wear various types of skirts. It’s just, if the buds use mini skirts do not be too mini and without using tights.

Has Hips And Big Thighs
An A-line skirt that falls off your hip is above the knee. Use dark colors to streamline.

Should avoid short skirts or tight skirts. it will only attract people’s attention on your hips or thighs.

10 Models of Today's Trend Jacket

10 Models of Today's Trend Jacket

10 Models of Today’s Trend Jacket For Men and Women 2018 Jackets seem to be a mandatory object of almost everyone.

If you notice, Indonesian people are very fond of using a jacket in any weather. Can be seen from the number of people who still use the jacket, when the weather is not cold. In fact, there are also people who like to carry a jacket, but they will not use.

They just carry a jacket in hand, draped over their shoulders, or tied at the waist. These things are done with the aim of making jackets as their fashion item. On this occasion, Bacaterus will share the recommendation of 10 models of today’s trend jackets by 2018 for men and women. Let’s just look at the collection below.

10 Models of Today’s Trend Jacket

1. Oversized Cardigan

The year 2018 is the year of the great clothes. For some reason the reason, but the clothes are much larger size than the size of the wearer’s body is ngehits once. Oversized clothes such as oversized cardigan can make the wearer look more soft, cute and cute. Today’s fashion jacket model is in the form of classic cardigan, so it is easily combined with any clothes and suitable for everyday activities such as ngampus or hangout. This jumbo-sized cardigan comes from a foreign brand, the Trunk Project. Leather Biker’s Jacket

2. Leather Biker’s Jacket

In addition to oversized cardigans, a model of today’s trend jacket next there is a leather jacket or other term is biker’s jacket. The famous name is present because usually a leather jacket worn by motorists of two-wheeled vehicles. This woman leather jacket you can wear for a walk in the mall, home from work, or to go to the party. In contrast to the usual leather jacket, biker’s jacket this one comes with a bright color beige aka white ivory

3. Parka

Outer shaped parka is still in demand by many people until now. Parka model like this is unisex alias can be used by women and men. Usually parka jackets are used for climbing mountains, climbing two-wheeled vehicles, but some are using it for style only. This locally made parka also has a neat stitch. In addition, there is a cloth cover again in front of zippers, so this parka looks more neat. You can create two styles with this parka, that is with hoodie and without hoodie, because the accent can be dismantled pairs tungungnya as you pleased.

4. Satin Jacket

If you think satin material just fit into a nightgown, dress, or party dress, you do not know if satin is also very dope when used as a jacket. Just look at this brand H & M brand satin jacket, really cool, is not it?

Because it is made from a shiny satin material, some people may think this jacket looks like a kimono for sleeping. But, no what, indeed in 2018 is still embracing the style of pajamas clothes are made into everyday clothes. You can use this satin jacket to hang out at the cafe or to the office.

5. Bomber Jacket

Bomber jackets still have a place in the hearts of many people although the first time this jacket skyrocketed already a year ago. Probably because 2018 is the era of volume clothing, so bomber jackets still get a good market in the community. Today’s fashion jacket model you can use to ride motorcycles, roads, mountains, to the mall, to the campus. Unlike most bomber jackets made from parasitic material, this jacket looks more relaxed and nge-doff.

6. ARMY Jacket

These army-style jackets are also exploring the top of the world fashion trend. Starting from the top artists to ordinary people who use a lot of jackets like this model.

This army jacket is also known by the name of double breasted jacket because the right side of the chest and left of his chest stacked. Again, this one jacket is the output of the H & M brand.

7. Lace Jacket

The current model of the current trend jacket is a lace-based jacket. For the year 2018, lace material is being widely used for made fashion goods, such as clothes, outer, pants, skirts, to bags and hats. You also do not want to miss the latest trend mode. Immediately have this lace jacket before the out of stock!

8. Ivory Wool Jacket

Today’s trend jacket model is a recycle or recycle of the 70’s style trend. Maybe you’ve seen your grandmother or relative’s clothes made from this material.

Do not hesitate to borrow your relative’s ivory jacket, because now this jacket is very deep.

9. Ruffles Jacket

In addition to the form of volume clothes, the year 2018 is the time to use wavy shirt and wrinkled like a ruffles jacket this one. This cotton-based jacket has accented wrinkles on the shoulders that extend to the back and chest.

10. Embroidered Denim Jacket

The latest model of the contemporary trend jacket is an embroidered denim jacket

Initially only famous brands are issuing embroidered jacket products, such as Gucci, for example. But, now many other clothing stores, both local and international, who issued a similar jacket with a more affordable price. An example is the embroidery denim jacket H & M output

Tips The following facial treatments use natural ingredients around us

Tips The following facial treatments use natural ingredients around us

You certainly already know that fruits and vegetables are natural ingredients that are very good for health. Various types of normal, dry, oily skin is not good if left dull, looks old and acne. For women the natural way in safe and healthy facial skin care becomes very important to increase confidence.

Use of face care products containing chemicals is too risky if they do not match the skin type. Caring for the face with natural ingredients is an attractive and safe option. Tips on how to naturally treat the following faces hopefully can help you in solving your facial skin problems.

Lemon or Lime For Cleanser All Skin Types

Lemons are a natural source of alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) and antioxidants, vitamins. Lemon is very good for meratwat facial skin as cleaning, toning, shrink pores, smoothing and lifting dead skin cells, free skin dull face and fade black spots.

Mix 1/8 cup almond powder, 2 tablespoons milk or cream and 1 teaspoon lemon juice. Use to clean facial skin, wait for about 15-20 minutes then rinse with warm water.


Cucumber has the ability to remove stains or black spots on the skin and can make a beautiful face glow. Mix 1/2 cucumber pieces that have been peeled with 1 spoon of yoghurt and 1 tablespoon of milk and then mashed with a blender. Apply the mixture you make on the facial skin and wait approximately 20 minutes then rinse with warm water to clean it.


The yam contains rotenon, pachyrhizon, vitamin C and B1. The content in this yam is good to eliminate or at least disguise black stains caused by acne. To create a bengkuang mask for natural skin care the way is:

Peel the yam and wash thoroughly then grate until tender.

Squeeze the grated to get the water.

Strain the juice of the yam so that it is completely clean from the pulp.

Leave for half an hour until the sludge appears

Dispose of clear, clear water

Use a milk-like precipitate for your face mask

Apples For Oily Facial Treatment

The substances of lastin and collagen have the ability to reduce oil on your oily skin.

The apple is smoothed with a blender without water. Use as a mask by gluing it on the facial skin evenly for 20-30 minutes. Clean with warm water then continued with cold water so that the pores of your facial skin shrink.


Tomatoes contain lots of vitamin C that can reduce excessive oil, clean as well as provide nutritional intake. There is also a content of antioxidant substances that are able to overcome facial skin irritation due to ultraviolet rays, brighten your skin and reduce blackheads.

To make a mask from the tomato the way by smoothing one tomato then mixed with a spoon of honey. Apply a mixture of tomatoes and honey to your facial skin. Leave for 15 minutes then rinse with warm water and then cleaned with cold water.


The content of vitamin C and vitamin E in avocado is good for maintaining moisture and provide nutritional intake and menghluskan facial skin. Make an avocado mask by smoothing the avocado flesh and then rubbing it on your face evenly. Leave on for fifteen minutes and rinse with warm water then cold water.


Banana fruit can be useful to rejuvenate the skin and make the skin become moist and supple. The way is quite easy, just by taking 1 piece of banana ambon, peel the skin and destroy the fruit. After that add 1 tablespoon of honey into the banana that has been destroyed earlier, and apply evenly on the face and let stand for 30 minutes.Then wipe with a cotton swab and warm water.


Papaya contains papain enzymes that have the ability to remove dead skin cells and regenerate new skin cells. Mix the cooked papaya pulp with 1 tablespoon of oil or taste. Apply a herb of papaya mask to facial skin. After 15 minutes wash with warm water. Use a moisturizer that matches your skin type as your perfect treatment.


Strawberries contain salicylic acid capable of tightening the skin. There are also good vitamins for the skin such as vitamin C, E, B and K. Natural way evenly with the face mask strawberry good in regenerating the skin, lifting dead skin cells, moisturize and accelerate blood circulation. Mix 3 strawberries and 1 spoon of honey. Blend then apply on facial skin. After half an hour rub it slowly with a circular motion so that dead skin cells can be lifted and the circulation of blood on your face becomes smooth.


The content of vitamin A and antioxidant substances in mango fruit is useful for skin regeneration and inhibits premature aging and make your skin elastic elasticity. Create a mask of mango by refining the peeled peeled fruit then mix it with a spoon of milk powder. Stir to evenly and then apply to your face. After 20 minutes wash your face with warm water.


Kiwifruit contains collagen and vitamin E and collagen is useful to keep the skin from irritation by sunlight, reducing the oil on the skin, and can meniscuskan your facial this fruit can help overcome skin irritated by sunlight, smoothing the skin. Blend the kiwi then mix it with a spoon of olive oil and 1 egg whites that have been whipped. Stir until the mask mixture is well blended. Apply on your facial skin and leave on for 15 minutes. Bershikan by using warm water.


Routinely washing your facial skin with milk can reduce black spots on your facial skin

Latest Tips to choose the model Women's Gymnastic dress

Latest Tips to choose the model Women's Gymnastic dress

In addition to low sales prices, wholesale discounts, and so on. is the design and materials gymnastics that will be used. Here are some tips on choosing clothes while exercising:
the latest way to choose a Good Fashion Model CLOTHING PATH

1. Choose a new model of women’s gymnastics with a size that is not too tight (exactly according to body size but still a little loose) and elastic that can provide space for free to move during sports, especially during aerobic exercise. As an option, spandex is a kind of elastic material.

the latest way to choose a Good Fashion Model CLOTHING PATH

2. Choose a new model of women’s gymnastics with an important porous material to help cool the body during exercise. You can try materials from nylon that are more porous and avoid clothes from rubber or plastic material.

the latest way to choose a Good Fashion Model CLOTHING PATH

Choose the latest model of women’s gymsuits with ingredients that can absorb sweat from the body, but not get wet and heavy after absorbing sweat. This type of material is referred to as wicking materials. Currently available the latest model of women’s gymnastic clothes from synthetic fibers (synthetic fiber) such as polypropylene designed specifically for sports.
the latest way to choose a Good Fashion Model CLOTHING PATH

4. When exercising outdoors during the day, select the latest model of women’s gymsuit clothes with bright colors. Clothes with dark colors tend to withstand the sun.

the latest way to choose a Good Fashion Model CLOTHING PATH

5. Use shoes and socks that can support your heels and legs well. Currently, there is a choice of shoes according to the type of sport that will be done. Socks with a mixture of cotton (cotton-poly) can be an option.

the latest way to choose a Good Fashion Model CLOTHING PATH

6. Use clothes in the latest model women’s gymnastics comfortable and can support the body load well.

Well, now do not confuse anymore deh choose a comfortable gym clothes on the body. Of course more and more spirit to exercise to get the ideal slim body.

so tips Latest in choosing Women’s gymnastic dress, shirt design model and women’s sportswear, good aerobic gymnastics, or regular exercise regular, in addition to the factor of cheap selling price, wholesale discount, etc ….

may be useful

Tips on How to Choose the Best Model and Dress Color WOMEN

Tips on How to Choose the Best Model and Dress Color WOMEN

Tips on How to Choose the Best Model and Dress Color WOMEN (Clothes, Skirts or Pants) Dresses should take into account the BODY FORM.

The ideal model of clothing and color of clothing, of course, differs between women with small posture with large berpostur women. both clothes, and subordinates (pants / skirts) we can choose in accordance with existing posture.
Choosing Fashion Clothes & Color Model WOMEN CLOTHING is good for a tall thin person

Tips on choosing women’s clothing with a skinny body high is to avoid clothes that are too tight. Strict attire will not make us look attractive but will actually make us look more and more skinny.

Collar with the V-neck model should also be avoided as it will make the bony bulge become more class and we look thinner.

To address the skinny body, we can follow some tips on how to wear blazer with knitted material to increase the volume of our body.

the selection of subordinates should also we pay attention, if you want to wear pants. Choose pants that fit on the foot and not too tight

If we want to use a skirt, choose a skirt with bright colors that will give a full impression on our body. Skirt with big motif also we can choose to avoid the impression too hard. Types of skirts should be avoided is a dark skirt, made of thin, vertical motifs, skirts that are too loose, and skirts that are too tight. we can also use a rather large scarf or necklace to make our body becomes a little more contained.

Choosing Fashion Clothes & Color Model WOMEN CLOTHING is nice for a petite

Most women have less bone and muscle mass than men, therefore many women have small bodies, especially for those who are of genuine Indonesian origin. There are several things to consider when choosing a work dress for this tiny body, the first is to choose a woman’s clothes for work that fit the body size. Women’s clothing that is too big and long to the knee will make our body seem drowned. For that, choose a boss suit that does not exceed the length of our hips. The use of clothes with matching colors between superiors and subordinates should also be considered because the matching color will give a higher impression. to give a higher impression, we can also equip it with V-neck tops or tops with vertical stripes motifs.

Tips the next way is to avoid the use of dark-colored women’s clothes because it will make our body look smaller. Just use a boss with bright or soft colors. Details on clothes like wrinkles, wrinkles, or pleats can give a full impression on our tiny body.

If we decide to wear a skirt, try not to wear a skirt with a wide and long. This model skirt will sink our tiny body. choose a skirt with a standard size or knee-length skirt. The choice of belts should also be noted, large and wide belts are becoming a trend, but if we have a tiny body, then this belt will make our dkitanan look weird and disproportionate.

Choosing Fashion Clothes & Color Models Beautiful WOMEN CLOTHES for White Colors White White Apparel will look more attractive if wearing a soft shirt color, such as pink or pastel. It gives you a sense of relaxation, relaxation, and interest. Things you should avoid are colors that fade, because it will give the impression of tangles.
Choosing Fashion Clothes & Color Model WOMEN CLOTHING is great for the Color of Yellow Leather

Clothes for yellow langs, will make you more confident is the color for the tropical atmosphere. Blue clouds, yellow, orange, or other tropical colors. Wearing dark clothing colors should dikuringi, if used will not cause any impression. It’s just going to look too contrasting.

Choosing Fashion Clothes & Color Model WOMEN CLOTHING is great for brown / brown skin color

Clothing for brown skin, Can be distinguished between brown and brown. Although the colors are different, but we can choose the dress that is almost the same between for the brown color or brown.

The right clothing for both skin tones is the color mixed, meaning not absolutely must be one color. But must be considered also the color pair. Like the couple between red and white, or white with black, gray with white, etc.White Color

tips how to CHOOSE the Model and Color WOMEN’S CLOTHES (Clothes, Skirts, or Pants) SUITABLE BODY SHAPE
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How to Properly Wash Your White Sneakers

How to Properly Wash Your White Sneakers

Washing white Sneakers

White sneakers made from canvas are still the mainstay of the millennial for the contemporary style. But the constraints of wearing white sneakers are vulnerable dirty and filthy, especially if almost every day is used for the move. Want your white sneakers back clean like new? This is how to wash white sneakers as quoted from Who What Wear.

1. Prepare Cleaning Fluids

Material sneakers made of canvas will make it easier for you to wash. Therefore, the canvas material is compatible with almost any type of cleaning fluid.

Combine two cups of hot water with two teaspoons of detergent powder. Can also be replaced with shampoo or dishwasher. Before brushing, remove the shoelace and soak for some time in the liquid. Meanwhile, you can brush your favorite white sneakers.

2. How to Brush

Prepare brush with a rather hard feather. Dip the brush into the cleaning liquid and start brushing, prioritizing the most stained judi bola areas. Occasionally dip the brush into clean water so that the soap is not so long absorbed into the canvas. For soles, use a used toothbrush. Small brush shape will allow you to clean dirt and dust trapped in the middle of the bottom of the soles.

3. Use Clean Cloth

When finished brushing and rinsing, wipe the sneakers using a clean cloth that has been dampened first. This will help remove dirt and residue from the cleaning fluid that is still attached to the sneakers.

4. Drying

Before drying, sumpalkan the inside of sneakers with old newspapers. This will make your sneakers look as good as new. Then dry in the sun until it is completely dry.

Tips Choose Jas Affordable Prices for men

Tips Choose Jas Affordable Prices for men

Men should have at least one suit

Although not used every day, suits will certainly be useful on formal occasions, such as weddings or more formal work affairs. Indeed you can just borrow a friend or relative but not necessarily the model or size accordingly. If money is a factor that prevents you, consider the top five tips on choosing an affordable yet invisible cheap coat:

1. Bring to the Sewer

Suit the outfit of the famous brand suits can make the appearance of the men become more handsome. But the price is certainly much more expensive. If you have limited funds, just buy suits in more affordable brands. In order not to look cheap, you can take it again to the tailor. Jas of high end brands usually have nice pieces. For that, fix the brand pieces of affordable suits to look like that worn celebrity on the red carpet.

“Tear the page from your favorite magazine and bring it up and show it to the tailor.” The picture would be so much easier, “fashion writer Max Berlinger told the Huffington Post.

2. Do not be Afraid Too Strict

When carrying a suit to be adorned to a tailor, do not ask for too loose pieces. Jas with pieces that fit the body look more modern and stylish.

“Your suit should not be as comfortable as a pajamas, in other words, narrow is good, a perfectly fit suit will give you a neat look when you’re with a coworker or a date.That means spending extra money on getting the right piece will make you look spending money more, “Max added.

3. Note Details

The main thing that makes a suit look cheap is the material. Synthetic materials such as polyester can provide a cheaper look than natural materials. Polyester also looks more shiny when worn so it looks less beautiful to look at. Max also suggested to find a mixture of wool or cotton combined with synthesis material.

4. Back to Basic

If you want to buy a suit that can be worn to various occasions, make sure if the model is classic and basic. Max also suggests two colors, namely blue naxy or charcoal gray. If you want to be stylish, avoid setting black because it can make you look like a driver or service.

5. Ask Stylish Friend

If you really do not understand the style, you can ask for help or at least an opinion from a more stylish friend. Choose men or women who love fashion to choose a suit together or suggest a good model for you