Streetwear Look Accessories That You Must Have

Streetwear Look Accessories That You Must Have

Streetwear style is a trend that is booming once in 2016 and this will remain a trend in early 2017. To help keep up with the trend, Mister has prepared information on what compulsory accessories you need for stylish streetwear as well as tips and how to wear them, because wearing the right accessories for a man is the key to a great outfit!

1. Snapback Hat

This one hat must be familiar to lovers of streetwear style. Snapback is very famous for its practicality and convenience. This hat has a characteristic adjustable strap on the back, so you could say a hat that is rather one size fits all.

Snapbacks became popular since the 1980s when rappers, basketball athletes, and hip-hop singers were seen wearing them often. Try wearing a Navy / White Snapback Logo Urbain Inc cap with a plain white t-shirt, your favorite bomber jacket, ripped jeans, and sneakers to make you look effortlessly cool.

2. Bracelet

The bracelet function in the streetwear look is to add an accent or detail in your outfit. Some types of bracelets that are often used streetwearers are leather bracelets, shoelace bracelets, and beaded bracelets. From some types of bracelet, you can wear it by “stacked”.

For example, if you wear a beaded bracelet, try stacking two or three to stand out. You can also mix the type of bracelet to accentuate different accents, eg one JAQ Taylor Black leather bracelet with two Devala Crystal bead bracelets. With this combination of bracelets, you will look more adventurous!

3. Hip Bag

The essence of the streetwear style is comfort. Therefore, hip bag becomes one of the compulsory accessories streetwear style because it is practical and comfortable to wear. For those of you who do not like to carry a lot of stuff, hip bag can be your mainstay bag when streetwear style. With a hip bag, you do not have to worry about your back pain or bulging puffs from most of the things in your pocket.

One other advantage of this type of bag is hands free aka you do not have to bother holding it and all your stuff will be stored safely in hip bag. You can wear a hip bag from Westward Works Staple Pivot II Olive with your favorite jeans, sweatshirt, jogger pants, and sneakers to get the maximum streetwear style.

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4. Minimalist Watch

Although streetwear actually grew out of sportswear, the clock used for streetwear style is a minimalist clock. This minimalist clock can be analog or digital, according to your taste. Because the clock should be selected minimalist design, streetwearers can freely expression through color. Minimalist color clock that is often seen worn is golden or earth-tones like clock Five Afternoon Ebony Blue. You can also experiment with minimalist clocks with bright colors or unique patterns to enhance your appearance.

Well now you already know what accessories you need for streetwear look, what are you waiting for? Go wear your snapbacks, bracelets, hip bag and minimalist watch to complete your streetwear look.

Which accessories do you already have? Give your answer in the comment section!
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