5 Newest Women Fashion Trends in 2018

5 Newest Women Fashion Trends in 2018

Entering the beginning of the year, the latest fashion trends are ready to start the new sheets

There are some fashion items that are predicted to dominate the fashion scene during 2018. If the stripe print and bomber jacket previously dominate 2017, then what kind of fashion item will dominate the year 2018?

The fashionista and world renowned designer has actually given a lot of leaks during the fashion week event performances in various countries. There are some fashion items that still survive but with little variation. Curious about what fashion items will trend in 2018?

Lavender Color

Fashion items with lavender or purple color is expected to be much-loved fashion lovers. Although ultra violet, the color derivative of purple that was asked as the color of the year 2018, but the color of lavender will still be popular. This is because the lavender color is felt more soft and gives the impression of elegance and charming. Some designers who have issued a series of fashion with lavender colors is Bottega Veneta, Michael Kors, and Tom Ford. So if you’re looking for the latest fashion ladies, lavender or purple colors can be a reference when shopping later.

Dark Denim

The trend of the use of denim as a fashion item will still continue in 2018. If last year ripped jeans became the prima donna of many people, this year’s dark denim will take over the trend. The use of fashion items such as jackets and pants with dark denim material can give the impression of boy-ish and masculine. So if you are looking for fashion items made from denim, choose a darker color like black or dark blue.


Look chic with a beret hat like a French lady, why not? French round shaped hat is predicted to color the fashion world in 2018. Its popularity is seen from the number of supermodels and fashion world celebrities who wear it in fashion week in various countries.

This type of hat is very easy and suitable to mix and match with many other types of fashion items. This beret hat can be a fashion statement that can attract the attention of many people. This fashion item is also very easy to find on the market both in conventional retail stores as well as on online trading sites.

Fruit Print

If the dress with floral print style is plural found in the market, now it’s time to fashion with print print style that will debut in 2018. Fashion items with this fruit pattern is considered to give the impression sweet and playfull for the wearer. But keep in mind, choose a style that is not too crowded to avoid fashion disaster.

Earing Statement

For you fans of earrings accessories, earing statement trend is still running in this year. However, this year’s earnings statements predicted to be excellent are earrings with metallic shapes, shells, and pearls, with gold color and playful colors. You can also be creative to mix and match between the right and left earrings, in order to display edge looks.