Trend of Men's Glasses in Every Decade

Trend of Men's Glasses in Every Decade

Glasses become one of the accessories that continue to evolve from time to time

Starting from the visual aids for people who need it, now become one of the form of a statement statement worth considering. Large frame to small, dark to bright colors, the trend always comes and goes. Therefore, Mister try to recap the trend of the most popular sunglasses in every decade to inspire your daily style.

1. The 1950s era

Browline Glasses
Browser sunglasses model is not only popular, but mastered 50% sales of glasses in that era! Many famous figures are seen often wearing glasses of this type ranging from veteran actor James Dean to activist Malcolm X. In this modern era there are many variants for this type of glasses. Starting from the colors, shapes, sizes, and materials with one thing in common is the thick upper frame that looks like an eyebrow.

2. Era 1960s

Retro-squared Glasses
This type of glasses is a symbol of ‘cool’ in his era. Its popularity slowly increased in the 1960s among creative figures such as Bob Dylan and Andy Warhol. In recent years, this type of glasses is slowly starting to surface and Mister prediction will not disappear for the next few years.

3. The 1970s era

Tinted-lens Glasses
The drastic changes in social and political climate, the trend in this decade is dominated by the generation of ‘Flower Power’. Through the slogan “peace, love, and rose-colored shades, baby”, the trend of glasses with colored lenses is digawangi various top musicians. Names like Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, and John Lennon were some of the most influential individuals of the era.

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4. The Era of the 1980s

Aviator Glasses
Despite being born long before this generation, this pilot sunglasses trend just exploded in the 1980s. Top Gun films played by Tom Cruise and Kelly McGillis are responsible for this 40% increase in glasses sales after the movie was released. Since then, this pilot sunglasses trend has never died and has always been the choice of many modern men.

5. Era 1990s

Round Glasses
If everything seems big and thick in the ’80s, then the era of the 90s is the opposite. The trend of glasses in this decade is dominated by rounded frames with smaller and minimalist shapes. Coupled with the style of “grunge” as a mecca of music and fashion in that era.

6. Era 2000s

Futuristic Glasses
The new millennium became the opening gate of futuristic trends in all lines, one of them glasses. The slimmer form became the most visible feature of the era. One of the characters that became a trend representation of this era is Neo (played by Keanu Reeves) in the movie Matrix.

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