The Most Popular Male Sandal Model You Should Have

The Most Popular Male Sandal Model You Should Have
The Most Popular Male Sandal Model You Should Have

Sandals are the most comfortable choice of footwear worn when relaxed, especially for cool men or for men who like casual casual appearance. Sandal options are available in the market today is also very much so that some sandals can even be used to get a cool smart casual look.

Curious which men’s sandal models are the most widely used and popular among men? Check this!

1. Flip Flop Flip

Flip Flop is a model of men’s sandals are commonly used everyday, usually used while being at home. But that does not mean you can not use it to get out of the house yes, because this sandal is very comfortable to use for all leisure activities.

2. Mountain Sandals

As the name implies, this man’s sandals model is usually used for mountain climbing and is perfect for adventurous men. Sandal mounts usually have a soled or uneven design soles that serve as a pedestal to not slip and have a design that is quite complicated rope to tie legs that function so that sandals do not easily get off when used. Choose good quality sandals and guaranteed strong if you want to use it on a steep and slippery road.

3. Shoe Sandals

Model sandals this man is a combination of sandals and shoes, but the way its use is the same as sandals. Shoe slipper is suitable for walks with a casual yet chic look. For you who want to look neat but do not want complicated, this type of sandals can be the right choice!

4. Shower Slides

In America, many young people wear slides with socks sandals. And, Mister suggests you do not follow that style. This type of man sandals model is better used when relaxing around the house or after bathing.


With boxy look and sensible sole, this man slipper is best combined with outfit summer aka dry season.

6. Teva

Teva Sandal is famous for its strong and comfortable to be used for beach or adventure in the wild. Choose the appropriate size of your foot yes to be more comfortable to use.

7. Clogs

Do not use this man’s sandal model for formal and formal atmosphere! Crocs and other clog-like shoes are better worn at home, hospital, or in places where nonslip and easy-clean footwear is required.

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