How to Properly Wash Your White Sneakers

How to Properly Wash Your White Sneakers

Washing white Sneakers

White sneakers made from canvas are still the mainstay of the millennial for the contemporary style. But the constraints of wearing white sneakers are vulnerable dirty and filthy, especially if almost every day is used for the move. Want your white sneakers back clean like new? This is how to wash white sneakers as quoted from Who What Wear.

1. Prepare Cleaning Fluids

Material sneakers made of canvas will make it easier for you to wash. Therefore, the canvas material is compatible with almost any type of cleaning fluid.

Combine two cups of hot water with two teaspoons of detergent powder. Can also be replaced with shampoo or dishwasher. Before brushing, remove the shoelace and soak for some time in the liquid. Meanwhile, you can brush your favorite white sneakers.

2. How to Brush

Prepare brush with a rather hard feather. Dip the brush into the cleaning liquid and start brushing, prioritizing the most stained judi bola areas. Occasionally dip the brush into clean water so that the soap is not so long absorbed into the canvas. For soles, use a used toothbrush. Small brush shape will allow you to clean dirt and dust trapped in the middle of the bottom of the soles.

3. Use Clean Cloth

When finished brushing and rinsing, wipe the sneakers using a clean cloth that has been dampened first. This will help remove dirt and residue from the cleaning fluid that is still attached to the sneakers.

4. Drying

Before drying, sumpalkan the inside of sneakers with old newspapers. This will make your sneakers look as good as new. Then dry in the sun until it is completely dry.