Types of Men’s Common Clothing

The most versatile types of Men’s Apparel

While wanting to always look perfect, in the issue of men’s dress is very different from women, we tend not to be bothered with the fashion trend in appearance.

But it can not be denied, whether in casual or business meetings, the appearance becomes one of the most visible things and no doubt capable of forming people’s judgments. This is where many men still struggle with the same question, “Where should I start?”, “What kind of clothes should I wear?”, “Do I have to buy new clothes?”

Men’s Most Versatile Apparel – As a first step, this article will provide ideas and references to you to be a stylish man without the hassle of selecting various models of men’s clothing on the market. Here are the basic models of underwear that are versatile and never outdated and have plenty of room to combine. You should have these clothes in your wardrobe collection.

# 1 The Oxford Cloth Button-Down Shirt (OCBD)

Oxford Cloth Button-Down Shirt (OCBD) is a classic shirt with a rather thick material. This shirt seems to fit anyone. In addition OCBD can be applied for formal or casual look and always give a modern impression. OCBD is more versatile than dress shirts or often called office shirts because dress shirts are too neat and formal. Collection of a few pieces of white and blue OCBD in your closet can be combined with whatever you like, both for casual and formal look. Uniqlo, Gap, ASOS, Reiss, H.E. By Mango and AllSaints are some of the leading brands that release OCBD products. Or you can also choose a more premium brand like Ralph Lauren and J.Crew if you have more funds. But do not worry about collecting OCBD shirts instead of famous brands as long as you are smart to choose good materials.

# 2 Shoes “Desert Boots”

Desert Boots are often regarded as beginner shoes, which gives the impression of a transition between young men who are heading for adulthood. Intelligent but informal-this is the essence of desert boots that suitably be worn with jeans, shorts or suits. A pair of brown or gray or leather shoes will complement every wardrobe you already have. As a reference, the Clark brand would be the best choice as they are the pioneers of desert boots. In Indonesia some brands are also issued a desert boot, among others, Zara and Pull & Bear. But you can also search for desert boot collections from other brands including quality local brands.

# 3 Denim Slim-Fit Indigo Pants

Slim-fit Denim or slim-fit blue dongker jeans (indigo) is something classic and never worn out over time. This is one of the most versatile wardrobes you may ever have. It’s easy to wear it; the smaller the pieces, the more sharp the line of his pants look so that accentuate your body shape. These denim trousers fit almost any clothing, so do not be afraid to spend a little more money to buy the best and last longer.

# 4 Knitwear

Knitwear or knitwear is quite important to you, and will be very useful in the relatively cold wet season. Knitwear round neck (crew neck), the material is not too thick (mid-weight), and the cotton jumper is gray, blue navy, and beige suitable for you to start “reshape” your style. The basic colors just mentioned will help you combine them with other thicker colored outfits that can be customized for formal and casual look. To maintain a casual impression, do not select materials that are too thick and heavy.

# 5 Cardigan

Unfortunately Indonesian men are still less familiar with cardigans. Though this wardrobe can be a great combination for your knitwear because it plays as a second or third layer of your upper garment. With a knitting pattern, wearing cardigans with your basic clothes will shape the aesthetics of your appearance by itself. Try occasionally wearing cardigans and combined with OCBD, jeans, and desert boots shoes simultaneously.

# 6 T-Shirt Polos

A plain T-shirt or T-shirt is one of the simplest wardrobes, but the funny thing is that many men lack T-shirts or have only one / two color T-shirts. Plain T-Shirt can be worn easily without worrying about not matching with other clothes. Buy some plain white T-shirts, navy blue, gray, and black because this is enough for your mix and match.

# 7 Sweatshirts / Sweaters

Sweaters have become very popular in recent years due to the development of sportswear trends. If you already have knitwear, actually this is enough. However, it does not hurt to have a sweater because the sweater is an excellent choice as the outer layer of your outfit. Some stores and brands distinguish sweaters with sweatshirt, but basically these two types of clothing are almost the same. What distinguishes it is the pattern or motive above it. One small tip: wear a sweater outside your OCBD or wear it before your cardigan and jacket.

# 8 Box Shirt

Forget the Jokowi-effect, because the checkered shirt has long been a trend before Jokowi put it on the election campaign of Jakarta Governor several years ago. Just like denim pants, the checkered shirt is also timeless. Only the trend of materials and colors that undergo changes and developments. The plaid shirt is also nice worn as a second layer after the T-Shirt. To maintain a casual look, look for large checkered motifs, while smaller boxes and thinner materials will be more versatile for both formal and casual.

The versatile men’s clothing above is certainly not a requirement for you, but we believe that this list is a versatile collection of basic wardrobe and can be worn by anyone with confidence without fear of missing out on trends as they include the kind of clothes that are never outdated . With the right combination of choice of colors and different styles can give a strong impression in each of your performances in various situations.

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